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Ear Conditions


The ear is a delicate organ that enables both hearing and balance using the vestibulocochlear system and is described as having three parts: the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear.


Mr Giblett is experienced in the diagnosis and management of ear conditions and would be happy to offer consultation. 


Ear Pain


Pain felt in the ear may be from the ear itself or may be a referred pain from the jaw joint, the nose, teeth or throat. A full assessment is required to find the source of the pain and Mr Giblett would be more than happy to help.


Ear discharge


Ears that are wet, leaky, or discharging are normally a result of an ear infection or a problem with the eardrum.


  • Ear Infections

Ear infections may cause pain, hearing problems and ear discharge. It is important to note that both outer ear infections and middle ear infections are very common, and the treatment is very different. A detailed history and specialist examination is therefore crucial in making the correct diagnosis to ensure you receive the correct advice and treatment. 


  • Eardrum problems

A hole in the eardrum or ‘perforation’ may occur as a result of infection or trauma, they often heal on their own but if you are having problems, it is worth having this assessed to see whether repair of the eardrum would be of benefit to you. A number of other eardrum problems can also occur and occasionally skin cells (Cholesteatoma) can become trapped and cause smelly discharge. This needs prompt attention to stop progression of the disease and investigate accordingly before considering surgical treatment. (Please note if cholesteatoma is found Mr Giblett may refer on to a colleague for surgical treatment but options will be discussed)

Hearing Loss


Hearing loss may be caused by a variety of conditions. In many cases the hearing may be helped by either surgery or a hearing aid. The correct diagnosis needs to be made before the appropriate treatment can be instigated. You can have your ears checked and a hearing test performed in clinic to help identify the cause and if required your ears cleaned at the same time. 

Ear wax

Earwax may build up and cause a feeling of blockage and irritation even though it is rare to cause much deafness. Gentle removal is performed under a microscope in the clinic.


Ear wax removal often known as ‘Aural Toileting’ or ‘Microsuctioning’ can be performed alongside consultation with Mr Giblett or as a special stand alone treatment package.





Tinnitus is a remarkably common condition affecting up to 10% of the population and usually there is no underlying sinister cause. Sometimes unnoticed hearing loss can be contributing to your symptoms and a hearing assessment can be performed alongside your consultation.  


One-sided tinnitus may need further investigation to exclude a more sinister cause. Often explanation and reassurance alone can help with your symptoms, sometimes a hearing aid can be useful and if needed referral on to tinnitus retraining therapy can be made.




Dizziness & Balance Problems

Dizziness is a very disabling condition and can often be quite upsetting and frightening. There are many causes of dizziness, some of these are because of problems with the balance system in the inner ear but please be aware that dizziness is often a result of other factors and may have nothing to do with the inner ear. Feelings of light-headedness, giddiness and general imbalance are often a result of other problems.

A comprehensive history and examination will be undertaken at your initial consultation to help identify whether the balance organ in your ear is contributing to your dizziness symptoms. Occasionally further investigations are required and sometimes medical treatments, balance exercises, and physiotherapy are recommended. On occasion your dizziness can be corrected with a specific sequence of movements known as the Epley Manoeuvre.

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