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Throat Conditions


The throat has a role in both the respiratory and digestive systems and therefore symptoms can present as swallowing issues, breathing difficulties and voice disorders.


Sore Throat


Sore throats are usually caused by infection and are normally self-limiting but at times can become more problematic if recurrent or prolonged. If discomfort persists a check-up is recommended to exclude an underlying sinister cause. 


Repeated episodes of sore throat on the other hand may be caused by Tonsillitis, recurrent tonsillitis can be quite disabling and is frequently managed with Tonsillectomy.


Mr Giblett offers both the traditional extracapsular tonsillectomy procedure as well as an ablative surgical technique using the coblation system to remove tonsil tissue. This can make the operation less painful, reduce the operative risk and speed up recovery.


Sticking in the Throat


A persistent sensation of a lump in the throat can be quite common, without true swallowing difficulties this is often not worrying and may be linked to acid reflux or tension in the throat muscles. A comprehensive throat examination including endoscopic assessment is recommended however to identify cause, tailor treatment and exclude a more sinister cause of symptoms.

Swallowing Difficulties


Difficulty in swallowing is known as dysphagia. Dysphagia of solid foods may indicate a narrowing or obstruction of the throat and necessitates urgent evaluation. Mr Giblett is able to offer assessment of swallowing difficulties, including endoscopic investigation in clinic and initiating urgent imaging studies if required. 


Voice Disorders


There are multiple causes of hoarseness, but the underlying cause can be identified by carefully listening to your voice and visualising your voice-box with a flexible endoscope that passes through the nose. 



Neck Lumps


Neck lumps are quite common but if persistent or enlarging then specialist review is required to ensure there are no sinister features. If you have noticed a lump in your neck, This will be assessed through a detailed history, neck examination and Ear, Nose and Throat examinations to identify underlying cause. Following assessment further investigations may be required but this will be explained at your appointment.

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